Frequently asked questions

Why does it stay on 99%? / It drained fast when I tried it. / It can still fully charge my phone twice and still on 1%.

Drain the powerbank’s battery as it only has a factory charge. After that, you may recharge the powerbank. This method refreshes the unit’s motherboard. Mofit powerbanks have the trickle charging feature. The delivery of energy slows down from 99%-100% to avoid the powerbank from overcharging.

It is compatible with this device?


All Mofit powerbanks is for Android phones, iPhones, or any device that can be charged using a USB cable.

Cable: Kindly check the kind of port your devices have to know the kind of cable fit for it.

How long should I charge this powerbank?

a. 5000mAh powerbanks’ estimated charging time is 3-4 hours.

b. 10000mAh powerbanks’ is 5-6 hours.

c. 20000mAh powerbanks’ is 10-12 hours.

Is there a warranty for this item (powerbank/cable)?

a. One-year warranty for factory defects on all Mofit power banks. b. Mofit cables have a 3-month warranty.

How many phones can be charged with this powerbank?

Charging count will depend on the battery capacity of devices to be charged.

How can I check if this is original?

There is an Anti-Fake code on the packaging. You may check it on this website, click the Anti-Fake checker.

How to turn off this powerbank?

Double press the power button or you may just remove your device from charging and the powerbank will automatically turn off.

The LED screen display keeps going off and only an out icon is showing.

"IN" icon will be shown when you charge the powerbank itself. When you charge a device, the powerbank will be on standby mode and only an "OUT" icon is shown.